AO Essentials

To ensure you have a great day at the Australian Open, here’s my quick check list of essential items.

Have a hat handy

AO Essentials for Ticket Holders

  1. Tickets
  2. Schedule of Play – you can print it off the Australian Open website here. It’s also in the AO app.
  3. Sunscreen – this is particularly essential if you have a ground pass and will be in the sun all day watching tennis. Even if it doesn’t seem really sunny, the Melbourne sun can burn if you’re outside for a while.
  4. Hat – as above
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Headphones for listening to AO radio
  7. Australian Open Program – a great read, you can buy this when you get there.
  8. Cold drink or empty water bottle that you can refill during the day – there are loads of water stations around the grounds.
  9. Camera
  10. Phone charger, especially if it’s a long day of tennis and you’re using the AO App and / or Twitter a lot – there are power points in Hisense arena where you can recharge.
  11. Extra layer of long sleeved clothes either for sun protection or in case the temperature dips fast (Melbourne weather is anything but consistent!)
  12. Cleansing Wipes – good for sticky hands and wiping sweat from skin
  13. Small towel – as above, plus useful for drying seats if it rains.

Did I miss anything that you always bring?

Until next time

Grand Slam Gal

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  1. Sean says

    I would say sunglasses are very important. The glare off the blue court is very strong. As someone who likes to sit in the front few rows on the eastern side (to avoid the umpires chair) it is the hottest area. Both the main courts get very little breeze especially right down the front because the roof is only open over the court, the court is concrete and rubber which reflects a lot if heat and the stands are concrete. I see so many people every year that get tickets where I sit and don’t last very long.

  2. says

    Great list – the phone charger is definitely an essential.

    I’d add to bring a sports towel and it is so hot you will need it! I also love the Evian face spray they sell in the AO shop – you will need it to cool down!