Tennis Spectator Etiquette: Watch a Quick 3 Min Video for Tips

If you’re a newbie tennis tournament spectator, you need to be aware that there are things you should, and shouldn’t, do while at the tournament. Watch my quick video for essential tips.

Tennis Spectator Etiquette

In summary the tips are:

  1. While in a stadium watching a match: Don’t move to or from your seat unless it’s a change of ends. This happens after the first three games of a set, and then every second game. That is, if the games add up to an odd number, or the players are sitting down, then generally it’s ok to move to and from your seat. Also be aware that although the players change ends after the first game of a set, it is not a change of ends, therefore you need to stay in your seat.
  2. Turn your mobile phone to silent. Enough said.
  3. If you need to talk, talk quietly.
  4. Treat people with respect – this includes door staff, and also don’t push to the front during practice sessions as the people at the front may have been waiting there for hours. Instead, be polite and ask if you can have a quick look or get a photo.
  5. One important point I didn’t mention in the video was to never cheer if a player makes a mistake, for example double faulting or a bad mishit. And I also wanted to add that in Australia, we don’t “boo”. This isn’t Roland Garros and regardless of what players do (unless it’s something extremely bad which I can’t even think of an example for) we don’t boo here. Personally I’m still scarred by the RLA crowd booing Rafa when he took the Medical Time Out during the final against Wawrinka. If you know Rafa even only a little, you know his integrity, and booing that is not acceptable, so don’t follow the crowd if you hear any booing start. Rant ends.

Watch the video below

Until next time

Grand Slam Gal

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