Australian Open 2017 Prize Money in Australian and US Dollars

Have a look at how the 2017 Australian Open prize money, with US dollar equivalents, will be shared around.

The 2017 Australian Open is offering total prize money of $50,000,000 (approx USD 36,017,000). This is an increase of $6,000,000 or 14% on the 2016 prize pool. In terms of USD equivalents the 2017 total prize money is up 17% compared to last year.

Australian Open Trophies

Have a look at what the players receive for playing singles.

Singles – Men’s and Women’s – Per Player

Winners – $3,700,000 (approx USD 2,665,000*)

Runners-up – $1,850,000 (approx USD 1,333,000)

Semi-finalists – $817,500 (approx USD 589,000)

Quarterfinalists – $408,750 (approx USD 294,000)

Round of 16 – $220,000 (approx USD 158,000)

Round of 32 – $130,000 (approx USD 94,000)

Round of 64 – $80,000 (approx USD 57,000)

First Round – $50,000 (approx USD 36,000)

In 2017 the winners, runners-up, semi-finalists and quarter finalists all receive a 9% increase in prize money compared to 2016 (in USD equivalents it is a 12% increase). For players making the first three rounds the prize money increases by a minimum of 14% compared to 2016 with first round losers seeing their prize money increase by 30%.

See this article for details of the Australian Open 2016 prize money

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This information was sourced from the Australian Open website.

*All amounts are in Australian Dollars. Approx USD conversions were made using exchange rate for 31 December 2016 from Oanda Currency Converter. Check it out if you would like to convert the AUD to another currency.

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