Who is your all time favourite tennis commentator?

When it comes to watching tennis on TV, the quality of the commentary makes all the difference for me in terms of how much I enjoy the match.

I like a commentator who knows their stuff, both the technical aspects of how the game is played and the interesting snippets of trivia, but who also knows when to stop talking!

Jim Courier is my all time favourite

As someone who watches as much of the Australian Open as possible every year, both live and on TV, my favourite commentator is Jim Courier. He really knows what he is talking about, he has an easy voice to listen to, and I particularly love the on court interviews that he does at the end of the centre court matches. He’s great at getting players to open up about their personal life, and having a laugh with them. Like getting Roger Federer to talk about his twin girls and how much he loves being a dad.

I hope he’s still coming to the Australian Open 2011 now that he has become leader of the US Davis Cup team. ¬†Does anyone know?

Although Henri Leconte runs a very close second

Jim may have all the right moves and knowledge, but Henri sure cleans up when it comes to enthusiasm. The first time I heard his commentary was the huge Tsonga v Almagro match at the Aus Open this year. And I’m hoping he comes back again to keep us entertained!

I know that there are way more good tennis commentators out there than I have experienced while watching tennis on TV mainly from Australia. I did enjoy Sue Barker’s coverage of Wimbledon for the BBC when I was there to watch it.

Who is your favourite tennis commentator?  Broaden my mind and let me know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. says

    I generally don’t know who the commentators are! However, I have found Jim Courier’s commentary insightful in explaining the technical side of the game in an understandable way. Hopefully he will be commentating on the Aus Open in 2011.