Grand Slam Plan Progress Update: 25% Complete

What a month January was! Definitely the hugest month so far for my tennis fandom. In terms of the Grand Slam plan, we’re now at one tournament completed, three to go!

At the Australian Open after Murray v Djokovic Semi Final

Grand Slam Plan Summary

  • Grand Slam Tournaments attended to date in 2012: 1 (Australian Open)

Sessions of tennis attended live in January 2012: 18

Hopman Cup = 9

AAMI Classic = 2

Australian Open = 7*

* Note: This includes 3 ground passes where live tennis is counted based on the fact that I was at the venue, not that I necessarily saw any matches live.

  • Number of hours of tennis on TV watched in January: Countless (would watch more if I could)
  • Items of Merchandise Purchased: 5 (1 x Stubby Holder, 1 x Men’s Towel, 1 x iPhone Cover, 2 x Melbourne Lacoste TShirts)
  • Number of Ice-creams consumed: 2 (double scoops but still needs improvement)
  • Number of successful attempts to meet tweeps in person: 8
  • Number of failed attempts to meet tweeps in person: Countless (deemed to be incredibly difficult due to multi court match scheduling and size of venue)
  • Number of bad lines calls witnessed: Countless (on court and on TV, most notable were Nalbandian v Isner and Nadal v Berdych)
  • Proportion of crowd showing signs of sunburn: High
  • Number of Times as AO FANbassador: 1 (loved it)

Key Australian Open tournament learnings

  • If you want to take a date and have a sit down dinner at a sit down dining venue on site at the Australian Open, recommend arriving prior to 8pm
  • Hisense tickets are great value on Day 5, 6, 7 and 8 in comparison with Rod Laver Arena tickets (we knew this but it is confirmed, especially for Day 8. Hopefully this continues)
  • While at Australian Open with seats in the sun, regular re-application of sunscreen is necessary
  • A lot of people who go to Melbourne Park during the Australian Open go for the experience
  • Meeting up with people during the Australian Open is difficult
  • The scheduling of Australian Open matches on Rod Laver Arena is impacted by the success of Australian players
  • The Australian Open is popular. If you want to attend, buy tickets in advance (including ground passes) rather than planning to buy them at the gate
  • Local knowledge of tram system, where tram doors will open and that trams only stop at far end of platform is an advantage when catching a tram to the city from Melbourne Park. Allows you to bypass all stationary people expecting tram to stop at start or middle of platform.
  • Enjoy the air conditioning in the side areas of Rod Laver Arena and Hisense Arena during matches but this can be more difficult due to crowds between matches and at change of ends.

After the AO

Australian Open 2012 was mega huge. Packed with heat, massive crowds, drama and emotional turmoil.

While there were some things that happened that I didn’t love, I still loved every minute of it.

I say that even though it all fell apart and I cried when Rafa didn’t win the final.

Cried because I didn’t want him defeated by Djokovic again.

Cried because I really thought he was going to win.

Cried because so many people, along with me, invest so much in whether or not he wins.

Cried due to the tension of a match that lasted nearly six hours.

I also cried because it was the end of my best grand slam month ever. I think I still would have cried even if Rafa had won.

I couldn’t have asked for better.

January was great tennis opportunities.

Great people to share the tennis with in person, including my mum and dad.

Great people to share the tennis with on Twitter.

Great tennis to watch.

Great tennis to blog about.

And great support for my dreams from everyone in my world, especially BallBoy, who did everything he could to support the Grand Slam plan and let me enjoy as much tennis as possible.

These are some of the many reasons why I love tennis so much.

Until next time

Grand Slam Gal

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  1. says

    I really enjoyed reading about all your adventures! Red clay is my favorite surface so that makes Roland Garros my favorite Slam. I look forward to Stop #2 of your mission this year. #VamosRafa!