Grand Slam Tennis 2012: Where to Get the Info you Need

The 2012 tennis season is just around the corner so here is a handy list of links to websites and blogs that will give you the info you need to keep up with the action.

Margaret Court Arena, Australian Open

Margaret Court Arena, Australian Open

Official Websites of the Grand Slam Tournaments

Check out the Grand Slam tournament dates and other details here

Websites for staying informed about the tennis world

  • ATP World Tour official website
  • WTA official website
  • The Bleacher Report covers loads of articles on tennis, news, opinions, photos and more.
  • – Fab articles about all things tennis related.
  • – Tournament calendar, rankings, schedule of play for tournaments, draws, wild cards, qualifying events, how to get tickets and more.
  • We Are Tennis – All round tennis goodness.
  • – Tennis rumours, gossip and news

Tennis Blogs written by awesome tennis fans

And if you’d like to follow my Fan Slam Plan, during 2012 I’ll be writing articles about all things grand slam and ATP tennis.

You’re welcome to:

What other websites and blogs do you read regularly for tennis updates?

Until next time

Grand Slam Gal

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  1. Sara says

    The austrillian open was amazing and proved that raffa is the greatest male player to ever play the game even if he lost. ive watched novak carefully with his on again off again breathing/asthma problemd and thete is no way he Could have finished that match in his condition. I think novak is using some kind of steriod or illegal drug to enhance his ability. Its unfair to raffa and every plsyet competing against him. Most importantly its not fair to the sport. Im sure players suspect something and so do the commemtators. Now is the time to thoroughly test novak and do it before he competes again. Watch the tapes guys novak is a good actor pretending to be exhausted when the truth is he could have played hours longer at the aussie open? And we All know that would have been impossible.

  2. says

    Congratulations on your selection by the Australian Open official website as a FAN-bassador for the 2012 Australian Open! The Australian Open chose this site among the first in a select group of FAN-bassadors because of your outstanding Australian Open coverage and social media commenting, tweeting and online conversation.

    I am very proud that my site was selected too especially since even more Australian Open fans can now find my daily Australian Open coverage via the AO fan centre section of the AO website->

    I have always loved the Australian Open and have been going there for years being originally from Melbourne, especially because the Australian Open keep striving to be the best by looking for ways to do more things and do things even better.

    This a real core belief I regard as a key to life as I write on my “ABOUT ME” page, “I am motivated to be the best I can be on a daily basis. My passion and career is tennis. In order to be the best I can be I continually hunt for better ways of doing everything, I realise that nobody knows it all and instead of protecting my current level, I invest my energy into investigating, researching, testing and re-evaluating so that I evolve and improve every day.”

    The Australian Open demonstrates this by adding new features like FAN-bassador pages, doing a live stream of the men and women’s qualifying singles events (free of charge) for the first time this year and sharing the ability to live stream around the internet with others. I love having the Australian Open TV on my site to watch these matches on.

    Australian Open 2012…BRING IT ON!!!