ATP Men’s Tennis Rankings: Can Roger Federer Regain the No.2 Spot?

The Clay season is about to begin. From Roger Federer’s perspective the big question is:Can he regain the No.2 spot before the French Open?

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I’d been wondering whether or not the top men’s ranking’s will change in the next few months. This post gives a clear, easy to follow explanation of the current situation.


Can Roger Federer regain the No.2 spot before the French Open?

As Federer doesn’t have too many points to defend before Roland Garros it is a great opportunity for him to regain the No.2 spot before the French Open.

As far as the current situation is concerned here are the points the top players have to defend before French Open.

Novak Djokovic – 1000 (Won Madrid) + 1000 (Won Rome) = 2000

Rafael Nadal – 1000 (Monte Carlo) + 600 (For Madrid Final) + 600 (Rome Final) = 2200

Plus Nadal won Barcelona which is an ATP 500 tournament, so he should have to defend 500 points for that tournament but as ATP has a best of 4 rule for the 500 tournaments, the ranking points from that tournament could be adjusted later in the year. We will have to wait & see.

Roger Federer – Of the top 4 men, Roger has the least number of points to defend before the French Open. He only needs to defend 360 (Madrid semi final last year) + 45 (Rome 3rd Round) = 405

Andy Murray – 360 (Monte Carlo Semi) + 45 (Madrid Semi) +360 (Rome Semi) = 765

The Current ATP Ranking Points of the Top 4 Players :

1. Novak Djokovic – 12670

2. Rafael Nadal – 9935

3. Roger Federer- 9035

4. Andy Murray – 8040

View the full ATP Rankings.

The gap between Roger and Rafa is currently 900 points. If Federer manages to win either Madrid or Rome* masters or even make 2 finals and Nadal falters in any of those clay events then Federer could very well regain the No.2 Spot before Roland Garros begins.

*Federer is not playing Monte Carlo.

If he can do that, Djokovic & Nadal could potentially end up in the same half of the draw at the French Open, which is the best case scenario for Roger.

Well good luck to our maestro, hope he has a great clay season. Allez.

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Although personally I would be sad for Rafa to drop back from the No.2 spot and be ranked No.3 for the first time in a long long time, the need to consistently perform at a high level is part of what drives my tennis passion and I’m sure it motivates the players to keep striving to be their best, which makes for great tennis!

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    Grandslamgal Team,

    Kindly amend my comments where I mentioned about regaining no.1 rank of Roger attached in just few minutes back text.,Its about no.2 rank which Roger ultimately got according to your simple lovely written detailed article.

    Roger is now no.1 I’m glad!

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    Ok, now, that Roger Federer has regained No. 2 ranking after Madrid Open, I made a completely new post on what Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal need to do to retain/regain no. 2 ranking after Italian Open, 2012 ::

    As the seedings for French Open, 2012, will be based on the rankings after Italian open, 2012, this is why, Italian Open, 2012 is so very crucial.. read on here —

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    Yes,Roger can regain it before RG,but it will all depend on reaching last 4 stages minimum both at Madrid & Rome as well as Nadal ‘s early or pre semifinal exit.Roger need to focus his serve in higher % with placement also to minimize base line duals.I hope that Roger is doing work hard + innovatively to tackle Elite & Clay specialists.Good luck Maestro for Red clay dirt. before it comes to Green!