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I’m Mel from Melbourne, aka Grand Slam Gal

A huge tennis fan

Who had a plan

To go to the Grand Slam

In 2012.

Being in Melbourne for the Australian Open was easy. That’s where I live.

Then we travelled to London, Paris and New York to attend the French Open, Wimbledon and US Open.

I was be accompanied by my trusty side-kick Ballboy2012.

About the Grand Slam Gal blog

My blog is about Grand Slam Tennis. Generally the Men.

I don’t do play by play reviews of matches or in depth previews of upcoming tournaments. There are plenty of great writers already blogging about that.

My articles are about Grand Slam tennis, particularly the interesting and funny snippets about the tournaments, the players, the fashion and the hairstyles.

About Grand Slam Gal

Aside from my tennis fascination, here are a few tidbits about me:

Read more about Grand Slam Gal and the Grand Slam Plan.

At the Australian Open

About me on Twitter

I tweet most days. I love to chat about tennis and read and share other tennis blogs.

I tweet more when a major tournament is being played, and less in between tournaments.

If you follow me, generally I’ll follow you back (unless you’re a Russian bride type account).

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