Andre Agassi’s Court of Champions presentation featuring Andy Roddick

Before the 2012 US Open Women’s final started Andre Agassi was inducted into the Court of Champions.

I have great memories of watching Agassi play tennis so it was nice to be able to see his presentation.

According to the US Open website:

The US Open Court of Champions celebrates the legacy of the greatest singles champions in the history of the US Open and US Championships.

Andy Roddick did a brief speech about Andre Agassi. My favourite bit was along the lines of:

Early in my career I asked Andre what he regrets and he replied “not starting my charitable foundation early enough”

That inspired Andy to get his foundation set up.

In his speech, Agassi talked about the noise of the crowd being like a jet engine combined with a heart beat. He spoke along the lines of:

I miss your sound, I miss your silence, I miss giving you everything I had and a little bit more… thank you for the opportunity to walk through the tunnel one more time.

Find out more about the Court of Champions and the Agassi Foundation.

Agassi walking out

Agassi on the big screen

Roddick walking out to do his speech about Agassi

His name in lights

Agassi greeting Roddick

Roddick speaking about Agassi

Agassi speaking

The presentation

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  1. says

    Ohh, this is lovely! So lovely that Andy shared the words of wisdom he has received!
    I too loved watching Andre, for all those years! Bless him! What a champ!