Wimbledon: Headband Hall of Fame

I love seeing all the players decked out in bright white outfits for Wimbledon. But as the men are all wearing a variation of a white t-shirt and shorts, it can be hard to tell them apart while watching the matches on TV.

Sometimes the only clearly distinguishing feature from a distance is their headware. Wimbledon has turned out a variety of headband styles over the years.

Here are some of my faves.

Holding Back the Hair

Bjorg and McEnroe. Close to the eyebrows.

Photo source

Creating a tradition

Pat Cash. As famous as his Wimbledon win.

Photo Getty Images

Wide Angular with Ponytail

Wimbledon 2011

Feliciano Lopez. The Perfect Accessory.

Photo Source

Horizontal, Fully Exposed

Wimbledon 2011

Ivan Ljubicic. Smooth.

Photo Source

Rafo – First Blood

Rafael Nadal. More Sequels in the Making.

AP Photo/Alastair Grant

Saturday Night Federer

Roger Federer. All the right moves.

Photo AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus

Who do you think wears the headband the best?

Until next time

Grand Slam Gal

PS Seen Rogers Walk?

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  1. says

    It actually looks like Ljubicic’s brain is popping out of his skin inside that headband. Kind of scary to look at.

  2. says

    My first thought when Tsonga won was that Djoko’s draw had opened up again, and I was thinking about how he would do in the finals against Nad or Mur. Only later started thinking about Djoko more – realized he has been playing pretty terribly for most of the tournament. I think if Tsonga serves well Djok could be in trouble tomorrow. His form has not been great. Should probs pull it out despite.

    I think winner of Nad-Mur wins the title… Think it would be brilliant if Tsonga win. I know I’m dreaming a bit – but it would be slightly comic!

  3. says

    I’d love to see Murray get that monkey off his back and make all his fans ecstatically happy. Am also interested to see if Tsonga can keep his incredible form up for a few more matches.

  4. says

    hahaha! No judgement, I would mind carrying him around either. Sad to see him go. Since Fed is out I’m liking Murray for the title… You?

  5. says

    Question: The caption to the Feliciano Lopez image includes the line “The Perfect Accessory”. Does that refer to the headband or Deliciano? 🙂