Wimbledon 2011: 9 Memorable Hits and Misses

Wimbledon 2011

Wimbledon 2011

Seemed to me there were more beards than usual this year, Murray and Lopez for example. And am I the only person thinking that Wimbledon needs more than one court with a roof?

Here are 9 other memorable hits and misses from Wimbledon 2011.

1. The return of Venus and Serena

Although my respect for Venus and Serena’s tennis abilities is huge, in terms of wanting them to win or lose, generally in the past I’ve been quite neutral, depending upon who they were playing. But, having both sisters return to tennis at Wimbledon made me realise how much I’d missed them; particularly their power, their passion and their somewhat questionable fashion.

Serena’s tearful joy after winning her first match will certainly be remembered, as will Venus’ slippery zippery shiny jump suitery.

Check out some vids of Serena and Venus in Puddles, Sweat and Tears.

2. Round 2 : 40 year old Kimiko Date-Krumm versus Venus Williams

Venus ultimately won this match in 3 sets but wow, what a riveting match worth watching it was.

Surely the match of the tourney?

Read a great summary in Venus downs Date-Krumm in Epic

3. Andy Andy Coulda Shoulda Didn’t

Wimbledon 2011

Andy Roddick playing Feli Lopez

Photo source (and top photo)

Am still finding Andy Roddick’s third round loss to Feli Lopez tough to discuss – I really thought Andy R would go a lot further.

And that goes double for Andy M. I thought there was a real chance this Wimbledon that he would get that grand slam final winning monkey off his back.

But no. It’s not time yet. Is Pippa Middleton to blame?

4. Bernard “Tomo” Tomic Makes the Quarter Finals

“Tomo” Tomic. Well. We knew he could play and now after reaching the quarter finals, eventually losing to Djokovic, we know he can make it to the second week of a slam.

How great it will be if Tomo keeps winning and grows into being a “Rafter/Rafa/Roger” style champ; humble and likeable.

Do you think it’s possible?

5. Wills and Kate in the Royal Box

The perfect princess. The pictures say it all.

Kate Middleton

Photo source

6. Tsonga’s Quarter Final Win Over Federer

I channel surfed between Djokovic/Tomic match and Tsonga/Federer but stuck around longer for Tsonga/Federer due to the intensity and excitement that Tsonga can generate when he’s on fire.

Even though I wish Roger hadn’t been beaten, this match was a huge standout.

Happy Days

AP Photo/Alastair Grant

7. There’s Something About Marion

Marion Bartoli. The more I see her, the more I like her.

Unconventional, sure. You can’t help noticing her bouncy jerky movements as she gets ready to serve or her sweaty pony tail where others would have a tidy plait.

But her matches and energy are incredible, definitely worth staying up to watch!

Read the wrap on the Bartoli v Williams match here.

And watch the vid to relive Marion’s winning match point over Serena.

8. Petra Kvitova beating Maria Sharapova to win the women’s final.

Right from the start I thought Maria would be the one to beat this tourney, and she did me proud, all the way to the final. But Kvitova powered through in the end, winning in straight sets and finishing on an ace.

Wimby said it best – read the details here.

9. Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon Champion and New World No.1

By winning the semi final, Djokovic would become the new world No.1, whatever happened in the final. He earned it by his incredible form over the past six months, which includes winning 7 tournaments and 43 straight matches.

I respect what Djokovic has achieved but would I be happier if Rafa had won? Yes yes yes.

I know I haven’t covered all the Wimby memorable moments. Which ones stand out in your memory?

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